This Board assists the plumbing official, the water purveyor, and the health officer in the enforcement of Hillsborough County regulations

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It also hears citizen complaints concerning the Ordinance and associated regulations, and when appropriate, makes recommendations to the BOCC regarding changes to the regulations; and serves as an appeals board from any decision, ruling, or determination of the inspection agency involved in the enforcement of the Ordinance and associated regulations.


The membership of this Board shall be appointed by the BOCC with no maximum membership being established. Nine members must represent the following at all times:

  • Water Purveyor
  • Plumbing Inspector
  • Building Services Division
  • Health Department
  • Private Attorney licensed in the State of Florida
  • Industry
  • Citizens
  • Irrigation Contracting Community
  • Fire System Contracting Industry


Members shall serve four year terms.


Board of County Commissioner's Meeting, January 7, 1998.


Quarterly - see Council Events for the schedule, including dates, times, and locations

July 2024
Last Modified: 4/25/2024, 12:36:20 PM
Cross Connection & Backflow Control Board
Michelle Holton - Meeting Coordinator
(813) 612-7771
Mr. Noel Corson
Health Department Representative
2/4/2015 - 4/5/2027 *
Mr. George Goodwin
Building and Housing Department Representative
2/16/2011 - 5/31/2027 *
Ms. Ora Howell
Citizen Representative
4/7/2021 - 4/19/2027 *
Mr. Artem Lazukin
Plumbing Inspector Representative
2/7/2024 - 2/7/2028 *
Mr. Clinton Paskert
Industry Representative
1/17/2024 - 1/17/2028 *
Mr. Matthew Thatcher
1/17/2024 - 1/17/2026 *
Mr. Kenneth Williams
Water Purveyor
1/19/2017 - 12/31/2024 *

* reappointed

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