This council provides advice about developing, coordinating, and promoting the performing and visual arts in Hillsborough County

The Purpose of the Arts Council is to serve as an advisory body to the Board of County Commissioners to provide advice regarding developing, coordinating, and promoting the performing and visual arts in Hillsborough County and contracting for artistic services, performances, and exhibits, all for the enjoyment, education, cultural enrichment, and benefit of the citizens of Hillsborough County.

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Members appointed by

Board of County Commissioners

Maximum membership

The membership of this Council shall be appointed by the BOCC and shall consist of a minimum of 11 members. Composition is specified as follows:

  • County Commissioner, designated by the BOCC at its annual routine organizational meeting;
  • Mayor of the City of Tampa, or designee;
  • Mayor of the City of Temple Terrace, or designee:
  • Mayor of the City of Plant City, or designee:
  • A minimum of 7 additional members, a minimum of which will be three individuals affiliated with one or more local cultural organizations; active members of one or more charitable, educational, or other organizations which provide community benefits; have relevant professional experience; possess stature in the community.

Length of term

The term of office for each member shall be one 3-year term. Members may only serve for one term. The terms of all members appointed to represent elected officials shall be concurrent with the term of the serving elected official.


Ordinance 21-16 adopted May 19, 2021 by the BOCC.

Meeting time and place

Quarterly Location:
(Parking at 2109 E. 11th Ave.)

Last Modified: 4/24/2024, 1:28:45 PM
Arts Council of Hillsborough County
Martine Meredith Collier - Division Director
(813) 571-6991
Commissioner Pat Kemp
#1 Hillsborough County Commissioner
Ms. Meg Heimstead
#2 City of Tampa Mayor or Designee
Council Member James Chambers
#3 City of Temple Terrace or Designee
Ms. Mercedes Hermida-Perez
#4 City of Plant City Mayor or Designee
Mr. Theron Butler
#5 Member
10/1/2021 - 9/30/2024
Ms. Zora Carrier
#6 Member
10/18/2023 - 10/18/2026
Ms. Denise Hood
#7 Member
9/16/2020 - 9/30/2024
Ms. Charlene Oatman
#8 Member
10/18/2023 - 10/18/2026
Mr. Dontavious Pittman
#9 Member
10/1/2021 - 9/30/2024
Mr. Gary Satterfield
#10 Member
10/18/2023 - 10/18/2026
Ms. Georgia Vahue
#11 Member
10/1/2021 - 9/30/2024

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